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I am currently working on a novel called The Freelancers, about a group of five teenagers who mysteriously gain psychic powers, and have to protect their town from forces that are also mysterious! (and possibly evil!)

But what happens when you have to save a world that has no love for you?

The Freelancer's premise stems a lot from my own apathy towards the primarily white suburbia I lived in when I myself was in high school.  I'm writing this novel because I wanted to tell the stories that I enjoyed reading as a kid — with their mysterious and magic and action and adventure — but with faces that looked like mine, and that touched on the problems I had to deal with. 

Your outlook on the world, and whether or not it needs saving, changes when you're profiled by the police, or get called a terrorist. The Freelancers explores this conflict of interest through the lens of a variety of minority characters. 

The first draft is complete, and I plan on posting devloga up to the final release here! When the book is finished, it will be free on itch.io.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you give the book a read when it's done!


Concept art by spacegarbage, honeyodew, and ramicles!


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